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Electric Wire and Cable Inspection Lab


1. Rating plastic insulated power cables that are less than 35kv
2. Aluminium stranded wire、steel core aluminium wire、overhead insulated cables
3. Plastic insulated control cables
4. Polyvinyl chloride insulaed cable (wire) of rated less than 450/750v voltage
5. India-rubber cable of rated less than 450/750v
6. Low voltage cable (wire) used for road vehicle
7. Soft PVC used for electric wire and cable
8. Metal sleeve used for electric wire and cable
9. Calibration of electrical wire and cable testing equipment
10. Environment friendly cables of inflaming retarding、fire retarding、zero halogen and low smoke


Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing Lab


  1. Information technological equipment: computer、tax control register、printer、display;
2. Appliance: massager、auto rice cooker、cleaner、heating appliance etc;
3. Audio & video equipment: VCD/DVD、set-top box、repeater、power amplifier;
4. Luminaire product: light-change lamp、desk lamp、ballast、light adjusting controller;
5. Security products:cat alarm、fire/combustible gas-alarm、home-use alarm;
6. Digital product:MP3/MP4/PMP、digital camera、e-book、PDA、palm computer;
7. Electrical product: blue print machine、electric energy meter、queuing machine、instrument etc;



Chinese word library, hand-held information processing equipment, optical data disk, Chinese character dot matrix data, comprehensive wiring system of building and architectural complex, GPC on vehicle, Comprehensive wiring system; Generic cabling system; generic cabling of user architectural complex, cabling system of office building, cabling used for digital communications, assessment of information technology software product, telecommunication application softwate;

Operation system, database management system, embedded software, network information system, digital camera, liquid crystal display, moving stored product, hand-held sound product, hand-held video product, personal communication product.

Electric Products Safety lab


  1. Information technology equipment: office equipment, data terminal design, personal computer, data processing equipment etc;
2. Audio、video electric equipment: electronic musical instrument、instructional equipment of audio and video, magnifier of audio and video;
3. Appliance: electric cooker, liquid heater, room heater, apparatus of hair nursing ,massager, induction cooker, gallery machine,
4. Bread toaster and electronic oven, air cleaner and humidifier etc;
5. Electric equipment of measuring, controlling and test: instrument and meter, electrical appliance laboratory equipment etc;
  1. Electrical and electronic products: Counterfeit RMB--Banknote discriminating device, electronic cash register;
7. Electric accessory: power switch, socket, converter etc;
8. lamps and lanterns: ceiling lamp, desk lamp, floor lamp;


Light Industrial Product Lab

Detect all kinds of spectacles lenses, spectacle frame, assembled specacles, sunglass, presbytia glass and other application glass as well as A variety of ethnic musical instruments and Western musical instruments test capability including: piano, violin, accordion, organ, guitar, erhu, pipa, etc., as well as various types of electric musical instruments and instrument parts Detection.

Chemical Industrial Products Lab

      ---- Washing product test
      ---- Cleaning room test
      ---- Test of indoor air quality
      ---- Cosmetics test

Furniture and Decoration Materials Testing Center

Mattress, laminater flooring, fancy veneer,beschichtete Holzträgerplatten,Hipboard (big core board) and all kinds of wood, man-made sheet, secondary processing products of man-made sheet, wood flooring;

Wood windows and doors and other woodwork. And all kinds of wooden furniture, metal furniture, soft furniture,

Software Products Lab

Detect functionality, reliability, portability and efficiency (performance) of software product (including application software, operation system software, data management system softwre and embedded software).

Food Testing Center

Detect food security, sanitation and physico - chemical properties of all kinds of oil and foodstuffs, beverage, alcohol product, dairy produce, seasoning, bean products,  confection, pastry, all manner of subsidiary foodstuff and purified water for drinking.


Test of pesticide residues, harmful metal and of edible agriculture product